Monday, 6 February 2012

A Plan

Last week I submitted an application to AIM Overseas for a short course on the summer program. This course is a two week intensive literature program which I will complete in the July uni holidays. Oh, and it's at Cambridge university. Yes that Cambridge, in England :-D I am so darn excited I could skip! I'll hear back from them in a week or two, and hopefully be going to the UK for two weeks this year :-)
There are many, many steps in the process that is studying overseas, even if it's only for two weeks. The hardest part so far has been applying for a @*$^&*# passport. Tomorrow I will return to the Post Office for the fourth time to complete the application. Hint: never use the online application system for this process, because no matter how fancy your printer is it will not be able to print the forms to satisfaction. Hope that helps.
Anyhoo, I have three weeks of holidays before uni resumes, my summer job finished last week, my brother started TAFE today and &rew is on teaching prac. What should I do with my time? Write pointless, barely edited posts on my blog, apparently...

Oh and rock Super Mario Bros on the Wii >.<